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Season's Greetings v3.0

Season's Greetings!

As a little Christmas present to all, here's a nice little (big) wallpaper fro the gals of A Certain Scientific Railgun! Enjoy!!

Haha, I completely missed out on that anniversary post I've been doing for the past 2 years! Shame on me! Well, time to make up for it!

So to start it off, here's the animé I've been watching/have completed:

SPRING 2009:


K-ON! - 9/10
Though anyone would agree this show's all moé and no substance, it's caused a near-revolution in animé production sales! Main point: Mio's MINE!! >:)

Eden of the East - 9/10
A very well done animé, and well executed! And I can't wait for both movies to come out!

Asura Cryin - 6/10

Well, this animé never cleared half the things they've shown. For an suspense/action animé, it was pretty uninteresting.

To-LOVE-Ru - 6/10
The animé pushed the boudaries on alot of things, but the manga outdoes EVERYTHING the animé tried: Even the rushed ending!


FMA: Brotherhood - ?/10
FMA rebooted? I watched the 1st season, and I liked it. It wasn't until waaay later on, I found out that the animé COMPLETELY strayed from the manga. (Don't you hate when that happens?) Well, I know this time it should follow the manga, but I don't want to have to rewatch the parts I've already seen. I liked the 1st season, so that'll be my FMA memory.

Koihime Musou - 6/10
I'll admit, I watched more than half-way through the series, but something kept telling me the ending was gonna be just as unbearable as the trudging through the series. Viva instinctive guts!

Dragonball Kai - 5/10
Dragonball in HD, cropped to fit interesting clips, and revoiced!! My opinion: if they can do that, why didn't they just re-animate it as well? Other than that, I'm not missing out at all.

Hayate no Gotoku 2 - 5/10
I've watched all 52 eps of the 1st season, and although I loved it, watching anymore wouldn't be as entertaining. One thing I've learned from the 1st season is that each episode doesn't change.

Tayutama - 5/10
ell, seemed cute enough, the whole "Guy find newly created girl, shows her what love's all about", but it was WAAAY to sugary for my tastes!

Shangra-La - 3/10
Ever picked something up and wish you hadn't? That's kinda how I felt with the 1st ep here.

SUMMER 2009:

Bakemonogatari - 9/10
The music is VERY good, the story is VERY good, and the characters are VERY well-liked! One question: Is this really the end?

Weiß Survive - 8/10
There has actually been times where watching this I'd bust out laughing. Though each ep is about 3 mins, they could've at least made a butload of episodes, like they did with Damekko Doubutsu!

Princess Lover - 7.5/10
Of course, it's such a generic harem name! Some people can critisize how much of a generic fanservice-like show this series was, but all the same, I liked it! Sure, almost no character development, but it was a nice ride!

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei - 5/10
In the end, Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei is Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei. There's now no difference between seasons.


Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou - 7/10
You know, at some point I've actually forgotten all about this series, just like Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku. I gotta finish those eps up, and before the New Year starts!

GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class - 7/10
Y'know, I really should finish this animé, because it was pretty funny! It reminded me of Azumanga Daioh meets Comic Party! Pretty educational!

CANAAN - 6.5/10
1 more ep, but I can't find the time to watch it! Lol, maybe it's just the fact that, 1: There are better shows to watch, and 2: it's just not that interesting halfway through.

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni - 6.5/10
I have to finish this, since I liked Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, but the 1st season outdid this many times over. Trying to prove that a witch doesn't exist, yet you're stuck in her fantasy realm talking to her? Hmm...


Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - 5/10
Seemed like an interesting "slice-of-life", but alas, the main characters are children, and although it may be good still, it's the same reason I can't watch Bokurano. (*Sigh*, have I grown old?)

Element Hunters - 4/10
I can probably understand why people liked this series: You LEARN from it! Almost no other animé helps you with that! But alas, not very interesting.

Umi Monogatari - 3/10
No comment....Well, what the hell! 2 skimpy teen mermaids going o the surface for lulz? Usually it'd make for a funny scenario, but not THIS animé!

FALL 2009:


Nyan Koi - 9/10
VERY good animé, very funny at times, and even a suprise parody or 2! I really hope there's a second season for this series!! >_<

Kämpfer - 6/10
Well, as soon as I started reading the manga, the animé comes out, so I think, "Eh, why the hell not?" I eat my words, and turns out this animé strays from the manga into complete fanservice.The only saving grace was Shizuku! Shizuku~!

In the midst of:

Sora no Otoshimono - 9.5/10
This series is by far my favorite! Each episode is HILARIOUS! And each episode progresses! Plus with a great cast of characters, this series has it all!

Darker Than Black - Gemini of the Meteor - 9/10
This show doesn't disappoint, and I love how things are developing! Best series of the season! (Again, I say 'Best', NOT 'Favorite'!)

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun - 9/10
Lol, again, I lied. Either DtB:GotM is the best of Fall 2009, or Railgun! Y'know, when I first heard they were making a 2nd season, I thought it was all fanservice, no plot. But the story is AMAZING!! Like the original writer wrote the script for this!

Seitokai no Ichizon - 9/10
Another fun and funny animé, it's hard to beleive this was originally a light novel with this many parodies to it!

The Sacred Blacksmith - 7.5/10
The 1st ep was great! Though it's dropped since, this series is progressing quite nicely overall.

11eyes - 7/10
This series is pretty interesting, though I have an "Asura Cryin'" vibe to it.


Kobato - 5/10
I'm sure it's a wonderful animé, but all the same, it's just too flowery.
Asura Cryin' 2 - 5/10
1st season was just, meh. And now the 2nd season? Bleh.

Fairy Tail - 4/10
As soon as episode 2 was released, I found out how horrible the animé was. Not only have they strayed from the story, but the animation's AWFUL!!

Kimi ni Todoke - 4/10
Again, I'm sure it's a wonderful animé, but all the same, it's just too flowery.

Letter Bee - 3/10
Meh, VERY slow paced. Not so interesting after all.

Armed Librarians - ?/10
...I don't even remember what this animé's about.

Winter 2009/2010:

Weiß Survive R - 6.5/10
Ooh! A sequel! I'm looking forward to how hard this series can make me laugh!

Aki Sora - 3/10
WTF? It's like Kanokon, but more incesty, and it goes all the way!

Looking forward to seeing:

-Dance of the Vampire Bund
-Gag Manga Biyori+
-Qwaser of Stigma
-Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
-Omamori Himari
-Ladies Vs Butlers!
-Kanokon: Manatsu no Daishanikusai
-Tokimeki Memorial 4 - The First Finder
-Fate/Stay Night
-Quiz Academy 2
-Boku, Otaryman


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