Monday, August 27, 2007

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan TV - 01

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan: The TV series! After just finding this episode, I couldn't help but to watch it ASAP!! And here's what I have to say!

This series takes place after the DVD episodes that came out 2 years ago. Right as I started watching it, I was slightly disappointed at what I noticed. A big difference between the DVD and TV version is that the DVD is uncensored, better quality, and overall funnier, whereas the TV version is a hollow comparison. But this was 10 seconds into the anime, so this isn't all there was!

Sakura Kusakabe: Another Haré.

Dokuro: A vivid Guu.

Shizuki: The "not-so-noisy Maria".

Zakuro: Dokuro's "younger" sister...I feel ashamed...

Anyways, this episode starts with Sakura and Dokuro going on a school trip to a park to sketch scenery, and how his plans to be with Shizuki kept getting foiled over and over.

Oh, and the girl to tthe very right is Minami. Her personality's more like Guu, I guess.

Sakura? WTF!!?

Sakura's white?

Bin-Kan Salary Man: Best sausage--er, part of the series.

Allergies... ass.

So for the most part, there are two parts in each episode. The two parts in this one were the park sketching, while the second one had to do with bathing. Sorry I don't have any pics for that, but it just wasn't funny enough for any attention.

Human view of the park.

Dokuro's view of the park.

Oh, and another thing: Censorship SUCKS!! If they're going to air this, why not air it later at night where kids who SHOULDN'T be watching this WON'T watch it!? All it's doing is making us want to buy the DVD releases...wait. Impressive! Nice marketing skills, jerks!

Beware of monkeys! With hardhats!

And to close this post, here are some GREAT opening theme images!!

Ashame it!

Tear it!

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