Saturday, August 11, 2007

FINALLY!!! Summer Season Break-Down: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!!

I've finally found time in my busy life of trying for university, getting a new job, and crazy manga sales for some good old blogging!

Now, here's all the Summer shows I've watched and will review based on the first episode of each:

(I haven't had much time to watch, so since I'm burning the midnight oil and blazing through each ep, I'll review them all as a whole rather than post after post after post. Easier for you and me! Hurray!!)

#14 - Moetan - 1/10
This is just wrong. I don't know where to start. I mean, the perverted mascot? The loli high schooler? The targeting of the male "I like little girls" viewers? Isn't this just promoting underage...stuff?

#13- Nanatsuiro Drops - 3/10

I had to crawl by the first episode, which is about as painful as standing in line in a convention for it's vendors. (Which, by the way, overprice all their items just cause they have alot of target customers.) Will NOT watch another episode of this.

#12 - Code-E - 4/10
Weird plot. A girl who disturbs electromagnetic waves, and a guy who asks her out based on that? Dunno where the story's gonna go from there, but I doubt I'll be interested enough to find out.

#11 - Potemayo - 4/10
Weird show, as it's about finding these cute, yet strange human-like chibi creatures in fridges. Nothing more from the show. If you like those slow comedies, like Azumanga Daioh, then watch this, although it's not as good as Daioh. At least not right now.

#10- Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai - 4/10
I was VERY disappointed with this series. The first season started off great with it's "Love comedy-turned-dark-then-ridiculously insane" theme! The first ep of this just slowly scrapes by, leaving me to wonder if they've train-wrecked a sequel like Sunrise did for My-Hime franchise. We'll see...

#9- Sky Girls - 5/10
While this series wasn't bad, it was a little boring, although just barely. We see how things got off, and know if you've seen the Sky Girls OVA released a while ago that we know what to expect out of this.

#8- Zombie Loan - 6.5/10
My love for DearS hasn't helped me with this one. I just couldn't get into this particular series. At least of yet. I'll try for episode 2, but no promises, ya hear?

#7- Doujin Work - 7/10
Interesting, yet it seems like it'll die down and fail, cause I get this really messed up vibe from it, similar to Love Love? I hope I'm wrong, cause this concept seems great!

#6- Devil May Cry - 7.5/10
Nice detail, but with MADHOUSE behind the screen, I expect some slowing down with the animation budget. The Death Note anime disappointed me somewhat, because it was straight from the pages of the manga, so why bother watching it? Here in Devil May Cry, they've changed the character's attitudes around, giving it somewhat of a refreshing feeling.

#5 - Baccano - 7.5/10
The first ep was all over the place, so I can't really tell what the initial story is, nor where it begins. One thing's for certain: it's based around really interesting abilities that I don't think just anyone can attain. Keeps me intrigued!

#4 - Umisho -8.5/10
I'm expecting alot from this series, because the first episode REALLY caught my attention! It just seems to keep getting funnier, but retains its serious moments! Definitely a keeper!

#3- Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - 9/10
This series is just spectacular in terms of taking a mundane situation and squeezing it for all it can do! It reminds me of that episode of Gintama where they spent that entire episode trying to eat yakitori(?)! Simple plot, alot to expand on! Only reason I haven't upped the rating was because of my light hatred for SHAFT for screwing up Negima!?. Otherwise, they've done an awesome job with this series! Ganbare!!

#2 - School Days - 9/10
Yes, this may be biased, but from what I've heard about this, I was very hyped to finally see it, and it hasn't disappointed me once! (Well, except for Makoto...damn him...) But this series is really keeping me alert as to what’s going to happen next! CAN’T WAIT!! >__<

#1 - Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ - 9.5/10
I think this may be the single-best season of this Summer 07', at least for anyone whose seen the first season! Oh god, the Saito beatdown hasn't let me down at all! If anything, they’re really turning up the punishment! Stay alive, Saito!!

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