Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Manga Reviews 1

Didn't wanna list JUST animé here, although with a title like this, how could I blog about anything BUT animé...?
...I fail...

Anyways, one day me and my friend came across our city popular comic shop, and found manga on incredible sales! All the savings made the manga HALF-OFF!!, so me and my buddy spent ALOT of money on these treasures.

Of all the ones there, rather than buying SO many popular titles, I indulged and ventured into newfound territory and discovered manga no one's every heard of. At least around these parts.

There are a bunch of 3rd party manga I never knew of. I mean, everyone's heard of Tokyopop, VIZ, and now Del Ray, but Studio Cats? DMP? Dr. Master?

And so...manga review #1:

Enchanter - 1

Art & Story: Izumi Kawachi
Publisher: Digital Manga Publishing (DMP)
Rating: 10/10

Probably my new favourite manga right now, Enchanter is AMAZING in terms of characters, story, and art! A story about Haruhiko and Yuka, and their magic counterparts Fulcanelli and Eukanaria, in a story revolving around demons and school. The series in Japan right now is at 12, and over in these here parts, we're at lucky number 4! I WILL collect this series!

Hurrah! Sailor - 1

Original Story: Rintaro Koike
Character Design: Kouichi Kiga
Comic: Katsuwo Nakane
Publisher: Comics One
Rating: 7.5/10

A story about galactic wars and crashing on a serene planet, a unit trying to return home while living a peaceful life, the events in between are just TOO funny. I will continue this series, at least for 3 volumes!

Na Na Na Na - 1

Art & Story: Show=Tarou Karada
Publisher: Comics One
Rating: 7/10

Okay, I recently found out THE Ken Akamatsu-sama helped with this manga, so I am obviously going to hold this manga in high regards! Story about a "Negi/Keitaro" character who finds a "Mutsumi" android who promises each other several years back, and the "Naru" childhood friend tsundere. Again, hoping for 3 volumes.

Po Po Can - 1

Art & Story:Masakazu Iwasaki
Publisher: Comics One
Rating: 8/10

One of those manga where they kick logic to the curb, I love how zany they can make a generic and standard element. Going for 3! 3!

Free Runners

Art: Jennyson Rosero
Story:Bill Strauss
Publisher: Seven Seas

Only 1 volume, really, so how do I sum this up? Oh, yeah: Air Gear minus the skates.

Pretty Face - 1

Art & Story: Yasuhiro Kano
Publisher: VIZ
Rating: 10/10

While not a 'hidden gem', back in the days of unlicensed merchandise I found myself enjoying this work far before it transferred over to North American shores. A piece that rivals Midori Days, I like this one slightly more, due to the more possible situations. (Do I call a sex change more possible than a possessed hand? I do. And funnier at that.) 6 volumes, I believe, so I'll complete the set.

That's all for Manga Review 1!


Kouta said...

you forgot about broccoli and seven seas

Matsuro said...


Hai, hai...I'll mention Murder Princess next time.

But I mentioned SS through Free Runners, deshou?

Kouta said...

right right lol uhh what else did i wanna say o yeah! Jump is ok with there releases of manga hey better then none ne? for example?

Naruto(BELIEVE!!!! IT!) uhh what did i wanna say o yea GX (yugioh) since the regular series is almost over 2 more volumes for Duelist and 1 for sennen world and ya know i hope they translate Yu-Gi-Oh! why? well matsuro you have volume 1 in original format you tell me interesting? yes it is!!!

Kouta said...

R ment YU-GI-OH! R