Thursday, September 6, 2007

Murder Princess - OVA

Things in life are occupying my free time more and more, and thus as a result, blogging, and even watching anime, less and less. Anyways...

Sayonara Zetsubou Hime - 01

A "woman" who can only see everything in a negative light.

A "girl" who can only see everything in a positive light.

A meeting that was never meant to happen.

LOL! Bad joke! Seriously, though!


Before I start the real summary of this fine, yet short, yet fine again series, may I add a few comments:

"It's Murder Princess, NOT 'Maadaa Princess'." ('Not Yet, Princess')

"It's Master, NOT Mazda."

*Okay, deep breath*

Murder Princess was, for the most part, a very original story, albiet with very unoriginal characters...but what characters AREN'T unoriginal nowadays?

The Real Falis: Bounty babe. Name never mentioned again.

The Real Alita: Useless hime.

The Real Milano: One time Meido. Never seen again.

Milano's granpappy: Jodo Entolasia.

Frankenstein and Grim Reaper: Pete Armstrong and Dominikov.

Onion Head: Dr. Akamashi.

Gothiloli Dolls: Yuna and Anna.

Siegfried-wannabe: Prince Kaito.

The Baddies: ("Nightmare") Dark Knight and Cecilia.

The story takes place in a near similar medieval setting, all starting with a 'coup de tate' is in progress. Runaway Princess Alita finds herself looking down a katana at the hands of Bounty Hunter Falis. Both of them, facing death together, end up swapping bodies, and thus the title 'Murder Princess'.

Alita: Version 2.0.

Falis--er, Milano: Version 2.0.


Can anyone say "Ghost Rider"?

After the 'coup de tate', the Princess is to be crowned the new leader of the country, since her daddy kicked the bucket. The series continues with Falis now trying to live high class, which she really isn't getting used to. All she can really do is fight. And what kind of fighter wants to stay stranded to the throne?

You then find out that Alita has an older Brother who's throne priority is higher than her own. After another attempt by Dr. Akamichi, her brother returns, although you know what's about to happen. Only her brother becomes this crazy Onii-sama who wants to destroy mankind, for little logical reason. He makes Ralph Werec look like a scholar, oi!

All in all, the series started great, but each episode was worse than the last, until it just gave up making sense. The manga is great though, since the original creator, Sekihiko Inui, was the mangaka for Comic Party!

Fanservice. Because that's what friends do for each other.

Oo la la...

Naughty naughty...

Okay, they didn't kiss! So sue me! But this anime makes them out to be a VERY persuasive yuri pair!

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