Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~

A series over, a blogging finalized, an animé etched.

...or something along those lines.

The series was, for the most part, a downer. Don't get me wrong: the way they started it couldn't have been any better, in my mind, but there were a couple of things that seemed to show that they've run out of ideas/budget/sanity.
I'll try a break-down for once.


The way the episodes picked up in the beginning. Light hearted and funny.

Ero-Goggles: Classic.

S&M Play Caught: Priceless.

Lucky dog...

"Sera~ fuku~!"

And you thought Louise was bad.

In episode 3, right at the 17:11 mark, you can hear a random girl in the background screaming, "SAITO NO BAKA!!". I couldn't stop laughing when I first heard it!

I truly enjoyed the situations mainly with Saito, with the exceptional Louise:

Where'd Louise get her attitude from? Saa...

Ruthless Chibi: Meet thy match.

Looks like a scene right out of Higurashi. I approve!

Yuri scenes make EVERYTHING better!


I was shocked when I saw this scene. Saito's a 'man'?

Not to say this was a good thing, but an honorable mention: "Sayonara, Colbert-sensei."


The basic plot. It just kept treading from bad to worse.

-A princess who doesn't want war personally declaring it.
-A princess relying solely on a drop-out noble and a commoner familiar. (She's princess of a huge kingdom: isn't there anyone ALOT more powerful and reliable than them? Or does she just not have friends?)
-A side story about Agnes. (Took up TOO much time. No one cared.)
-Back to the war.
-The abrupt ending. The war still goes on.

The cousins incest. And the fact that the princess is love blind as a bat.

The dog name calling. By now, everyone who's watched ZnT should know all the possible dog insults usable.

The antagonist. She hasn't even shown up for more than 10 minutes in total!


Sakuran: Jessica's father(mother?), and Siesta's uncle(onee-san?).

The series, minus the plot, had alot of good drama and perspective in it. I was practically shedding man-tears at the last episode, when Saito let loose 300-style (which, by the way, is the manliest movie I have ever watched!), and the series was leaning towards what would be a series almost on par to that which is Gurren Lagann, if not for the last 2 minutes...those horrible two minutes...

Yes, this is the enemy campus.

Hide in the shade, Saito!

Where's Wald--er, Saito?

The lack of introduction of the big tit fairy.


Come on! We KNOW by now that there WILL be a 3rd series to carry on, so why'd they have to rush a good series? Keep Saito dead, keep the drama, and THEN show us up in the 3rd season! THAT there, is master planning! Jeez, J.C. Staff, you and GAINAX are beginning to swap roles.

Ah well...I rate it an:



Kouta said...

The ending of zero brought tears to my eyes

Matsuro said...

Deshou? Deshou?

Shinta said...

go louise!!!~ show the world that our name kicks butt lol

Matsuro said...

The name creates legends!

Anonymous said...

go louise!! show them what louies are made off lol - rui

Matsuro said...

I can't wait for the 3rd season! XD