Sunday, July 22, 2007

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai - 01

Welcome back, Higurashi!
Too bad though, cause by first episode comparisons, this is pretty much a downer.

I guess we start things off with the basic summary here.

Well, to summarize everything in this episode, it was so boring I've almost dozed off more times than not. When I was awake, I'd catch key phrases like 'Document 34', 'Girl A', 'Bioterrorist Attack', and 'Aliens'. Yes, this sounds like if a fan took Invader Zim seriously.

Not much else happens, other than an investigation from some returning characters 24 years after the destruction of Hinamizawa village. From the aftermath, stands the surviving member of the Higurashi children:

Yes, of all people, Rena Ryuugu!!

She was my personal favourite of all the girls in Higurashi, second being Shion/Mion/Whichever was more sane, but whatever!

She returns to the village to answer some questions about what happened on the night of Showa 58. (1983 for all you non-Japanese peeps!) Unfortunately, she doesn't answer much at all.

She acts like those post-rape victims.

She's gone from cute to...well, cute.

Well, more like moé to hot.

I think she's around 38 yrs old now. She definitely looks younger.

Ooh! Bitter Rena mode?

Aww...just Pre-Emo Rena mode...what a downer...

In the end, nothing really happens this episode.

This series better pick up! I have hope for it!


Kouta Shibuya said...

I wasn't much impressed with this episode of Higa god really after i watched the episode i was like "what just happend?...way didn't anything interesting happen." but really it better pick pick come on Matsuro ep 3 came out KEEP UP KEEP UP!!! PLUS I SUGGEST Getsumen To Heiki Miina (google it)

Matsuro said...


I think Heiki is one of the older seasons, prolly last fall to winter? I'll check up on that, but I can barely blog, at least not these days.