Monday, July 16, 2007

The Melancholy Begins!

This is my first attempt at blogging, and I hope to continue while refining my failed writing skills!
First to say, this is mostly going to be an animé blog, where I'll squeeze some otherly topics here and there! Because: 1- I like animé, 2-Everyone has a different opinion on it, 3-I'm sad like that!
Other topics will include things like books, movies, know, the things that don't matter. (lol j/k) This blog was inspired from certain blogging sites I read almost on a daily basis. (Which I'll refrain from naming, just incase bad things start happening!)

The theme here is obvious for those who share the same hobby as mine: taken straight out of the animé, "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya". I'll talk more about this show when the time comes! Other than this, I've obviously never blogged, so I've selected because it looks comfortable enough for n00bs like me! I've always wanted to blog, but never got the chance to before due to my constantly changing schedule. (Well, I'm still busy, but...)
I also know NOTHING about Word Press, the basic foundation for any blogger, but I'll adapt as time goes on! Don't mind the template either! I'll have it fixed and personalized to my specific liking sooner or later!

Oh, my future goals in the blogging community:
-To be able to easily blog 1000 words
-To make at least 50 new friends through this
-To develop my writing skills

Well, this concludes my boring first post! Future posts will definitely catch you eyes, guys, so wait just a little bit longer, my fans-to-be!


Anonymous said...

.....soo this is what your talking about.....ahhh...i think

Matsuro said...

Yup yup!

I gotta spread the love, since I think MOA Forum's at it's peak!