Friday, July 20, 2007

School Days - 01

Alright! First animé review from yours truly!

I'd like to start the first of my many-to-come animé rants, from the most recent animé seasons, School Days of the Animé Summer Season 2007

Well, if you REALLY wanna get technical, then it's "School Days: In the school, three guys met.Their relation had been changed in the season, and turned into three love stories".

School Days is your average animé about Matoko Ito, a guy who falls in love at first sight with a girl, Kotonoha Katsura, but his own carelessness causes of his own classmate, Saionji Sekai, to find out. Well, very blatant description here. But oh well...

Makoto Ito: The protagonist. Your average "Why can't I score like HIM!!?" main character.

Saionji Sekai: The annoying, yet sassy intruder. Makes friends too easily...

Kotonoha Katsura: The kind, quiet, yet-weak-and-sickly girl: the eye of adoration.

So, in their first meeting, Makoto hears someone calling out for the train to wait for her. Kotonoha makes her appearance, and since that moment, he's been fond of her, innocently leading to him taking a photo of her for his cell phone. (Blog Note: Not legal.)

That same day, on their first day of school, Saionji notices the Kotonoha on his cell wallpaper. (Seriously though: His WALLPAPER!!? Who WOULDN'T catch that?...Baka.) Humbly, she jumps him on it, and then becomes "The Matchmaking Wonder, able to befriend people in a single sentence, despite her annoyance!"

Saionji, for the most part of the episode, ends up getting them together, so now right off the bat we have ourselves a happy little couple! You know something's wrong with this picture if you've noticed that this is only the first episode! Kinda like if someone at your school goes out with someone REALLY early in the school year.

But wait!! That's not all!

Makoto thanks Saionji for her selfless deed, although he did question her as to why she'd go out of her way to help him so much. He says he's indebt to her, and although she really didn't need him to owe her, she gets what she's wanted in the end. (Or at least, a little of what she's wanted!)

The rest should be interesting...

That's a good first impression.

I repeat: ILLEGAL.

I need more friends like these!!


Oh ho~! Another character makes her appearance! Kinda loli, though!

When I owe girls, it never seems to work out like this..."OTL

To date, the only two fansubbers to sub this anime (first episode) are AniYoshi and Conclave. To compare both, I'd say that Conclave has the better quality, but AniYoshi's translations are slightly better. I'd probably rather go with Conclave, though.

Well, I can't wait for the next episode!


Kouta Shibuya said...

well well now that sounds like an interesting story line...expected more from it but thanks for the review of it tho ...hmmmm maybe i will download the ep depends

Matsuro said...

You like Higurashi? Then I'd say go for it!

Elsie said...

People should read this.