Monday, April 7, 2008

Code Geass R2 - 01

FINALLY!! The ONE (possibly) series this year I'm looking forward to watching!!

Code Geass R2, episode 1, STARTO!!

This first episode is actually one big mind trip, much like the first episode of Shakugan no Shana Second! Starting off with Lelouch living the school life once again, as if Season 1 never happened.

Villetta's back! And what better way to reintroduce her than to throw her in pointless comedic escapades?

"High ho Silver, away!"

Shirley's back too! Sweetness!

The show also reintroduced the support characters, and what became of them after the year of 'peace'. Zero is dead, the Elevens are subdued, and everyone in the school's back to being happy and carefree, probably because they're Britannians, those bastards! lol

Meet Lelouch's brother, Rolo.

Lelouch ditches school and heads off to go do illegal stuff, bringing his little brother Rolo along with him. I guess he plays chess against rich people for money. Anyway, he claims to do it because he's otherwise bored out of his mind.

Lelouch obviously wins, but the rich bastard decides to frame Lelouch and to arrest him, but suddenly a (dun dun duun!) terrorist attack starts up!

Yes, it was at about this time into the show I suddenly spaced out into a trance. I don't know why.

Where was I again? Something about Lelouch and Rolo escaping the battle scene, all while Kallen is trying to tell him something. Further into the attack, Lelouch is confronted by C.C., who tries to tell him something about his 'true self'. Lelouch is interested to what she's trying to say, until she gets shot (again) and plummets about 15 feet, to be caught by bewildered Lelouch.

LMAO!! Britannia's don't know gooder English!! ROFL!!

C.C. was shot by people who apparently stalk whoever they're to use as bait for terrorist attacks? Seems a bit too sketchy for me, but whatever.

"Dear Diary, today Lelouch showered with the windows opened. We didn't need infrared this time! Yay! <3"

The end of this episode resulted in Lelouch regaining his powers via C.C. and obliterating a group of Britannians, while grinning and plotting his plan to take over the world!

Yes, maam!

Welcome back, Zero!

And who do we have here? Suzaku, along with some of his equals worshipping The Emperor of Britannia, planning their next step to not only stop Zero, but kill him as well!

All-in-all, there a a mountain of questions I want to ask, but I'll trust Sunrise to answer them all, even one-by-one is fine, since this series should be the most hyped animé this year!

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