Thursday, April 17, 2008

Heroes are Extinct

I've just finished reading the manga series, Heroes are Extinct (not to be confused with No More Heroes), and there's quite alot to say about it.

I remember back in the days of the original North American Mighty Morphin Power Rangers about 14 years ago or so, I was one of millions of little boys getting their visual sugar rush from this series. Obviously, I was always generic enough to play the Red Ranger, forcing the side cast to other kids. Until the Green Ranger came in the latter half of the first season, I was completely satisfied with the set positions. Those were the days...

Anyway, Heroes are Extinct is based on the villians trying to take over Earth, though this villain, Cassiel, having so much charisma, you can't help but view things from the other side of the coin and somewhat agree to his reason and methods.

Cassiel as a kid heard all about Earth's Ranger forces, and grew up aspiring to invade Earth just to clash with the heroes. He until then trains to become the #1 Galactic General, the best of his Bazue Empire. Once arriving at Earth, however, as his invasion is a complete success, he finds out that there are no such heroes on Earth. What does a normal villain do? Guffaw at their unfair advantage and call it a win. What does Cassiel do? Retreat, then sneak to Earth, kidnap 5 teenagers, and force them to (commit illegal acts) become the Terra Rangers.

Now, the reason this series caught my attention so fast was because it rekindled my love for 5 transforming teenage heroes. A little nostalgia's good for anyone who's never participated in a war, I'd say.
It takes your standard element, and expands it, so you don't just view one side of things.

(Back in the day, no one cared for Rita Repulsa, nor Lord Zed. So, why again did they want to take over Earth? Mars seemed god enough for me.)

This series breaks down the Ranger theme, step-by-step going through the action poses, the justice speeches, and the (Gundams) Zords, further rekindling my recollection of Power Rangers, I believe all the way up to Power Ranger in Space, when I dropped the series altogether.

(Come to think of it, as soon as they got their Ranger powers, they were instantly striking poses, and already knew how to fight. Hmm...Zordon never taught them that.)

Though this is where constructive criticism takes it's toll. The first book was strictly introductions, while the second book was the start of a long series. How does the third book fare? The end. The manga series showed alot of potential to a long and interesting series, but ended as soon as it took a poorly maintained airplane. It tried to sum things up too fast, and it even went as far as to tweak character development from one direction to another, in an unnatural way. The ending was also rushed, and left a somewhat bad taste in your mouth.

So, rate this series is as follows:

After Books 1+2 - 8/10
After Book 3 - 6/10

Well, let's do as the author intended and never forget the hero within all of us!

...Or something along those lines. Lol.

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