Thursday, April 3, 2008

Shakugan no Shana Second *Complete*

I've finally finished Shakugan no Shana Second, now that I've been picking up on animé again!

The first episode started out pretty great, throwing the viewers right into the episode with mystery. Unfortunately, future episodes don't grasp your attention well enough. It feels like this Shana season is a bit forced, kind of like this post. (Don't blame me! Blogging is for people who are good with conveying words!)

Fanservice? Plenty! Just in al
l the wrong areas: Cosplay!

Like how the first season was only meant for introducing Yuji and Shana, the second season really focused on their development, alongside Yoshida, and just slowly bridging the appearance of the baddies, who have yet again been foiled, have yet again live to fight another day, and have yet again to carry on to the 3rd season. In a lot of sense, this season is VERY much alike to Zero no Tsukaima 2. Basically how this season was nothing special in the plot, and only how it just tells us to expect another season. Like a movie franchise, they usually come in trilogies, or at least that's the feeling I get from this.

Shadows? Fumina and Pheles.

There were really only 2 Arcs this season:
-The Mystery of Konoe Fumina
-Big City Battle 2

And both took a VERY long time to unfold. The Fumina arc did leave me in a state of suspense, but not enough for me to care for more than 5 minutes after the episode.

The Big City Battle 2 (for BCB1, see 1st season) had also dragged on into unnecessarily long episodes. If anything, this entire season could've been complete in half the time, really!

And Hecate's emotion-catching plan backfiring? Expected, but it did come off at the right time.

And someone PLEASE explain this scene to me! DAREGA!?

Opening Themes:
1 - Mami Kawada - JOINT - 8/10
2 - KOTOKO - BLAZE - 3.5/10

Ending Themes: 1 - Mami Kawada - triangle - 6/10
2 - KOTOKO - Sociometry - 7/10
3 - Mami Kawada - sense - 8/10

Shakugan no Shana Second - 7/10
Status: Filler

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