Monday, April 14, 2008

Drama and Dragons and Vampires Oh MY!!

Here it is! The completion of 6 animé!!

This post will spill my thoughts on animé I've just completed to date!!
6 times the animé! 6 times the blog!

First off:


As soon as I watched the first episode, I knew I was going in for a long ride. But I didn't expect it to be a 24 episode drama-fest.

Kimikiss had a pretty interesting opening, completely absorbing me into it's story. But the story, set at a snail's pace, just never stepped foot out the door

I give it a 7.5/10
Slow. Slow, but also enjoyable. But slow.


Bamboo Blade

An animé about Kendo. I seriously have never seen an animé about one before, even though it's an extremely popular theme. And futhermore, it's all about girls! So, my initial 2 thoughts of the series were:

Kendo? - This series must have alot of action!
Girls? - This series must have alot of fanservice!

Unfortunately (, and fortunately), it had neither. It was a fun little show barely drifting storywise throughout the season. Rather than an action-animé like the ones I'm so used to, it was VERY laid back. And unlike my 'fanservice' pre-thoughts, it's comedy kept my mind occupied from the gutter. Extremely fun to watch.

*Gasp* What is THIS!?

Also, the last few episodes were really something. Episode 25 pretty much summed the series nicely, while 26 was an epilogue, showing us that although the shows technically over, there's always room for more. I definitely wouldn't mind a second season with whoever that girl Tama looked in the eyes. RAIBARU!

I REALLY think Kirino likes Ishida-sensei. That's cute and all, but DAMN IT!! I called her first!

I give it a 7.5/10
Spunky, yes, but the story wavers all over the place. And not in an, "OMFG HARUHI IS WIN CAUSE IT MAKES ALMOST NO SENSE!!!" waver either, but still fun!



THIS, here viewers, is an animé from the result of picking words from a hat and trailing a story with just those material. But the thing that surprises me is the fact that they took EVERY popular generic theme, mashed it up, and decided, "Hey! Instead of making this completely generic, let's twist the story here and there to give it a little oomph!"

Enter the Power of Love!

I don't even know what to say during the time I've been watching (and sometimes even fast forwarding) this series. Some episodes left me thinking "omg!1", and some episodes left me thinking "wtf!?".

"Jin <3"

Seriously, even when he had a hot dragon woman girl, his mind was still in the gutter south of 'Jin avenue'. The last episode was entering, "Hell, we've tried everything, so let's add a little Gurren Lagann flavor in it for the end!" so they throw in the 'alternate universe to keep you in a peaceful trance for all eternity' trap, like in Gurren, but ultimately fails, like in Gurren. It would've been a two-handed clap if they did it before Gurren. And as that guy who they presumably killed a while back is revived(?), I realize that I don't remember anything that's happened these past 24 episodes. No, fast forwarding wasn't the reason. I guess there just wasn't enough interesting substance for me to bother memorizing.

Um...who again!?

Kamina--er, Akira and Machina--um, Thanatos...whatever.

I guess the good of the series was that the very ending, the whole "Become one with *insert supreme entity here* and you'll never feel bad feelings again :)", was beaten by the single thought, "But I don't want to be alone :'(".
A train wreck by some, a roller coaster ride of ratings by myself, it wasn't actually that bad to watch!

I give it a 7/10
Almost on Code Geass-epicness, this series has a few surprises around every corner, when they're not trying too hard.



A human accidentally applying to a monster school? How original...
Befriends different girls while still falling for the first one who met him? How original...
A weakling who can only run on courage? How...ugh...

There were alot of things that left me clawing up the wall in my room. The story was TOO shallow. The creator never wanted to think too deeply to allow any good logic!

1st off: Some sort of nun walking in the middle of the night drops a pamphlet of a school some drunkard notices, picks up, and enrolls his son into knowing nothing about said school?

2nd: A school of monsters, and on the first day, they're suspicious of you being a human? For me, I don't own a big book on monsterology or something, but I think you'd want to at least lie about what you are. Personally, I'd go with a doppelganger, since it physically seems to be VERY human.

And who DIDN'T see the content of the last episode coming? I'm calling on two things here, POSSIBLE SPOILERS:
-Tsukune (I hate the name, btw. I unno, seems weird.) dies. Oh no. He died fighting a monster. Again.
-Tsukune becomes a vampire. Hmm...the only monsters that can turn others to monsters are generally vampires and werewolves. I was actually hoping for werewolf for the diversity, but then again it would require this animé to be original, dear me!

I give it a 7/10
I'm always for romantic comedies with supernatural harems, but it needs a little more spice!


True Tears

True Tears is definitely one of the better animé I've seen. It's been a rollerride of drama, leaving my jaw on the floor after every episode!

Every episode had something to offer, and the relationships were all over the place, yet in a neat, fashionable order! From innocent long-term friends, to the "I like you" stutter, to even pseudo-incest, to even incest! (Seriously, why does every drama have to have incest? Wtf?)

I'm sad that this animé's finally ended, but I couldn't be more satisfied the way it ended, properly, something animé nowadays has been neglecting to strive for.

Side Comment: Who would YOU choose? Hiromi? Noe? Or even Aiko?

I give it a 9/10
Okay, if Haruhi is like a big cup of hot coffee to jumpstart your day, this series is like a nice cup of tea on a nice quiet evening: different spectrum, same satisfaction.


Hayate no Gotoku!

I honestly didn't think this series would span a year! I thought somewhere around 26 eps, tops! But at the same time, it's quite expected that a series with alot of material, no venturing story, and unlimited gags, can last a long time! Kind of like Gintama!

This animé itself wasn't really something I stayed tuned to see the first chance I get. It was more of those relaxation periods from a long day of...whatever tires you out. Even f I get a hold of an episode, I may not watch them until they clump to 3 or even 5 episodes, but I'll still finish them.

The story was decent, dropping you straight into the plot with no fancy gimmicks holding anything back. The references they made were only something true animé fans could watch out for, I myself have only pointed out about half the parodies shown. The characters were standard, if anything a lack of emphasis for personalities. Again, nothing deep, but the interactions with other types of characters can be pretty entertaining. When I take a step back and look at it, I guess the one thing I whole-heartedly enjoyed about this series was the fact that it didn't need a deep story to capture the viewers attention, and it was something you can definitely watch with your friends. One thing I have noticed was the change in atmosphere/theme from the early episodes to the rest of the series. Maybe I should research that...

It was definitely a good series, but it's more the type for someone who wants to watch animé for the sake of just watching animé. Nothing captivating about it.

I give it a 7.5/10
Definitely something that's kept me entertained through out 2007!

And is there really a Season 2!? HONTO!!?

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